Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I owe it all to GLEE

Fronts of completed potholders

Phew! They are finished. All five potholders for the 2010 Potholder Swap. I kept thinking, man, why is this taking me so long. Then I realized that really I was crocheting 10 squares since I had to do a backing. Duh! That is a lot of crocheting for ME.

Backs of completed potholders

And yes, I do owe the final finishing to watching Glee on the computer. Have you seen this show on Fox? I have been terrible at watching shows when they are actually scheduled and mostly we watch them through Netflix or on the laptop. I love that we can do that now. We really should just cancel our cable. Eventually I think we'll get to that.

Dahlia Block front of the potholders

For now I can explore a fabulous array of old and new shows and movies that I can watch to keep my crochet habit flowing. It REALLY helps me, in that department. And Glee is just too much fun. I have always loved musicals and on top of the fun singing I just love this shows dialogue. It cracks me up. Not that I have sophisticated sense of humor, mind you. But it keeps my crochet hook movin' along and me giggling to myself.

Pinstripes back of the potholders

So anyway, here are the potholder details:

The front pattern is the Dahlia block from 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. I KNOW you are familiar with this pattern book by now. If for some strange reason you are NOT. CHECK IT OUT! I love it. IT has figured heavily in my crochet posts this year! I changed the blocks a bit to make them slightly larger and to get the front and back to fit together a bit better. Sometimes I forget I am still relatively new to crochet (really I've only been doing it since summer) because I tend to get upset with myself when I don't think I have done the patterns as good as they should be. I know they probably look fine and I am happy with them but I can totally pick out the stitches I would like to re-do. Aarrghhh!! I just need to mail them off, right?

The back pattern is the Pin Stripes Block also from the Fab Book.

All of the yarn I used is Elann Sonata It is supposed to be DK weight yarn, but I think it is more of a sport weight mercerized cotton. My first time using mercerized cotton. I like it but it does twist up a bit on me. I think all of the colors I used are: Antique Gold, Chamois,Grand Canyon, Ruby, Deep Fuchsia, Cedar, Pesto, Ivory, Alaska Blue,...hmmmm...I think I am missing some.. I love bright colors so much, but combining colors so that they look good together is still a skill that eludes me.

It was my first time sewing on a plastic loop that I crocheted around and I think my hand sewing with yarn skills need to be improved. But those dang loops are NOT going anyway, let me tell 'ya.

I used a D hook. Ummmmm...I think that is it. Here's some close-ups of the blocks:

Purple-y Potholder -frontPurple-y Potholder -back
Red Potholder - frontRed Potholder - back
Pumpkin-ish Potholder - frontPumpkin-ish Potholder - back
Turquoise Potholder - FrontTurquoise Potholder - Back
Golden Potholder - FrontGolden Potholder - Back

Okay, I swear I really am happy with them. But as I am writing this post and keep looking at the photos I am picking my crochet work to pieces. So I better go and get them in the mail NOW. And I CANNOT wait to get 5 lovely potholders in a big envelope addressed to me in a few weeks! Yipee!


  1. I love how your potholders turned out. I keep hearing about that book by Jan Eaton, I am just going to have to get it for myself! And I absolutely love Glee... isn't it the best show?? Can't wait for new episodes to start again in April. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. Wow, these are fantastic,
    the person who gets these is one lucky person,
    Well done on getting them done,

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous pot holders. I love them all. I hope you get some back as great as the ones you sent. X

  4. These are lovely. I am working on #4 right now. Hope to finish up tonight and get these in the mail tomorrow.


  5. They look great! I love the colors you used together, don't sell yourself short! I really wanted to join this swap, but I've got too much going on. Looking forward to seeing the ones you get, too. :)

  6. You are so awesome!!! :) I wanna be in the potholder swap!!

  7. GORGEOUS work! Spotted these on iCrochet and had to come take a peek. The color combos are really beautiful... very nice work! :)

  8. Just love these, saw this photo when you posted it a few weeks back and couldn't forget them! So I'm back to link them up at the end of my Craft Schooling Sunday blog party, hope that's okay and would love to see you there sometime! all the best!