Saturday, March 20, 2010

Posters & Pretzels


We had a VIP in the house last week. That means VERY IMPORTANT PERSON. Lil' Mermaid finally got the chance to be the VIP in her first grade classroom. (They go alphabetically and her brother is the following week after Spring Break). They are sent home with a poster to fill out - questions like favorite color, likes and dislikes, what do they want to be when they grow up, etc. They can decorate the poster however they want and attach it to a larger poster board and add photos. Of course my kids made me print out about 50 photos and then poured for hours over which ones to use. Finally, at 9:00 the night before she had to turn everything in, Lil' Mermaid, finished her poster. Phew. It was fun to watch her make decisions and think about what she really liked and disliked. And she went through every photo to re-tell me the story about every event (as if I wasn't there?). It was a bit hard for me not to be heavy handed and tell her what to do, but we both got through it. Phew.

So Happy

And a few days before the poster making party she asked her father to make some bread with her that she could bring into the classroom during her VIP week. We checked with the teacher and had to get "special dispensation" but she was allowed to bring in some homemade goodies. We decided on pretzels because we have always wanted to make them from scratch. Of course, this is where I turned it over to the Bread Geek. We used this recipe from Family Fun, (which of course Bread Geek says he will tinker with the next time he makes them).

Lots of kneading involved:
Giant pretzel ball
Back and forth
Knead, knead, knead

Bread Geek had to lend some considerable muscle:
Papa lends some muscle

Then he made Lil' Mermaid do some math to figure out how many balls they needed to make:
Pretzel dough balls

Next came the rolling out and the patented pretzel wrap method:
The pretzel wrap method
Working on her pretzel design
Finishing touches to the pretzel wrap

Then the personalized finishing touch a la Lil' Mermaid. She opted for sugar sprinkles instead of salt:
Finishing touch - sprinkles!
Going in the oven

And here we have the first batch ever of Lil' mermaid pretzels:
Sprinkled Pretzels

Oh yeah, thanks to Bread Geek:
The Pretzel pair

What a pretzel Pair!

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  1. Gosh my brother is a Bread Geek. but what a great idea.