Monday, March 8, 2010

Potholder Status

Two more potholders

Well, I have not finished all of my potholders for the big potholder swap. But I did finish two more. You can see them above. I have two different squares from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book that will make up the double sided potholder. The Dahlia block again (which looks a bit different in sport weight yarn than it did here in worsted weight yarn). And then for the backing I decided to go with the Pinstripes block. This block did not stand out to me when I was going through the book the first time. I thought it was boring. But as I was looking for a solid block to back the dahlia, I looked at it differently and realized I could make the circular stripes be any color I want. (Duh! I know!).

Potholder Swap Considerations

Here were my original potholder pattern considerations. Very hard for me to commit but I had to get my butt in gear. They were all from Jan's book. The Granny with a Twist square is one of my all time favorite squares and then I tried another solid block - #109 Four Square. It was actually hard to decide. But from the top photo you can see which square I obviously decided on....just have to add the loop to this one. The back is already crocheted on. Once I finish these five for the swap, I will make back for these other two blocks because I am diggin' them still.


  1. I love all those potholders so much!
    Funny, I have never thought to make the patterns from Jan's book as pot holders. I'm going to pull it out this afternoon and have another look.

  2. Gorgeous, I know it was a hard decision. The dahlia is my favorite. Great choice.

  3. Thanks Girls. Kate - they have so many great blocks in Jan's book. Lots of solid backing blocks too. It gives me an excuse to play more with the blocks but still come away with something usable. I might do a throw with them eventually but potholders make a nice, easy-to-complete project.

  4. Wow, you've been a busy girl. I have this book and will have to look at it again. I got several books at once and haven't really LOOKED at them. Thanks for the inspiration Kellie.....