Saturday, March 6, 2010

Recipe Chaos

Can these recipes be organized?

I know there has not been too many posts about my New Years "Theme" of organization. Well, because there hasn't been a lot of organization around ye old household lately. What can I tell 'ya?

But I did achieve a small organizational milestone recently - the recipe books. I don't know if you're like me and a sucker for every yummy sounding recipe that you come across. I pull out recipes from magazines, cut them from the newspaper, print them from the internet, photocopy them from can see where I am going here. I have a pile of random recipes, many of which I frequently use, floating around in a beat-up manila folder in our recipe book cabinet. (Yes, I have many recipe books too!)

Recipe Chaos

This folder was unwieldy and unorganized (about 4 inches high), and I always lost the recipe I needed at that moment, only to find it the next time I was looking for a different recipe. I had already started a binder of recipes but it was all out of place and not updated. I also had a pack of clear plastic protectors and another big binder ready to go. So I got busy and for several hours - yes hours - I clipped recipes, sorted, organized, spent precious time dreaming about all the food I was looking at...oh yeah and finally got the loose recipes organized!!!


A small victory, I know. But important to me anyway. Of course now I'm hungry.


  1. Do not underestimate the small victories!!! and really - that's a biggie, i have a similar chaos, with recipes and crochet patterns! tina

  2. Well done You!! Such a big job done so well. I ended up pitching my pile, I just never could sit and sort it all and I gave most of my books to Goodwill!!!