Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The cut hair

Yes, Peelu has finally made her first attempt at hair design. Before school on Thursday I heard "MOM!!!!! Peelu cut her hair." Of course I dropped the cucumber I was getting ready to peel and ran into the living room.

Showing me where she cut the hair from

I am really surprised that it has taken her this long to do it. Because unlike her brother and sister who basically reached the age of three with very little stuff around for them to get into (due to a massive home re-model and yard landscaping projects), Peelu has a plethora of piles to peruse. How'd you like that alliteration? And since this house is maniacally crafty, it makes sense that scissors are all over the place. I probably shouldn't admit to such un-safety-ness in public's the truth. We try to teach them to be safe and responsible - I mean, these were kid safety scissors.

Very pleased with herself

Just, obviously, not safe enough to prevent her cute little locks from falling onto the couch. She was just as obviously NOT repentant of the act. She kept proudly showing me what she had done. And really, you can't tell too much because of the layered way her hair has naturally grown out. But still, I sniffed a little. I love her oh-so-slightly wavy locks. She is the ONLY one in our family who has any curl at all to their hair. So holding that little curl in my hand, made me feel a bit sappy.

So I quickly ran around the house and gathered up all the scissors for the day. I didn't think my heart could stand a repeat performance.

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