Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A bench from my loves


I asked Ross for a simple, rustic garden bench to put by the maple tree. Nothing fancy - I was thinking a log cut in half....

Workin' on my bench

...oh, I got a log cut in half all right!

The new garden bench seat?

And some fancy chiseling...

Chiseling away

..and some hand planing...

Using Papa's hand planer

..a few more tweaks here and there..

Workin' on my bench
Close-up of rustic work on garden bench

And voila...a few hours later...

Garden bench love new bench, with the Junior Woodworkers doing the big unveil. It's perfect. But that Ross does nothing by halves, Ill tell 'ya...

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  1. What a wonderful bench...and made by your own family...sweet!