Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Babies

I love my chickies!

More chickens.

Pet, pet

As if we needed more.

One of the "babies"

We did have a rather high attrition rate this last year. But the kids learned first hand the cycle of life, right? Besides, the chicken farmers refuse to listen to me.

Chicken Farmers

So now we have 4 of the old crew (1 Rhode Island Red, 3 Bard Rocks), 4 new teenagers (slightly older Araucanas - at least I'll get my blue eggs!!), and the 2 babies (Buff Orpingtons).

All three "generations"

The Chicken Whisperer still has her chicken mojo:
The Chicken Whisperer...

...even with chicken poop probably oozing between her toes:
She probably has chicken poop between her toes

Hot Rod is still a goofball:
Hot Rod and BelleTesting out my new bench...

But at least the trauma has eased enough that they named a few of the chickens - the red head is named Belle, according to Peelu, who still has chicken chasing endurance that the rest of us could never hope to match:
Peelu after the chicken...again  3Peelu after the chicken...again  2
Peelu after the chicken...again Gotcha ya
Catching some chickens

Geesh! We're gonna have to open up an egg store this summer. I mean we can only eat so many hard boiled eggs and omelets, 'ya know?

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  1. Hi Kellie. I just wanted to say a big thank you. The pincushion arrived today and I just love it! I had no idea I would be getting one all the way from the States, how cool! Ella has already tried the granny square necklace, she's getting quite into accessories at the moment!
    It's really beautiful, thank you for all your hard work. Thanks also for the pins and the beautiful botanical flower card - so pretty and such a lovely message, thanks.
    Anyway I might just hang around here and have a bit more of a nosy at your lovely blog! x