Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Other VIP

Our other VIP

Yep, Hot Rod got his turn at being the VIP in their First Grade class. Lil' Mermaid did hers the week before Spring Break and Hot Rod got to do his the week they came back to school. I was surprised at how patient he was and how he did not complain that she got to go first.

He was actually a little easier for me to work with on putting the whole thing together. I guess I should say that he was just a bit more decisive. Some of his answers made me crack up though.

His favorite foods:
Brussel Sprouts (he seriously put this himself)
Ice Cream

When he grows up he wants to be: a carpenter ("like Papa and Jesus" he says) and a Scientist.

If he had 3 wishes:
He would wish for 100 lego sets
To see aliens
To have his own pet dragon

Things he likes:
Hot Rods
Black Widows
Crocheting (he put this in at the end and was very upset that he had forgotten it!)

Things he doesn't like:
Getting in trouble
Getting hurt
Bloody Wounds

I was lucky enough to be able to be in the classroom when he went over his poster with the whole class. I was alternately shaking my head in disbelief, laughing, and marveling that this child had sprung from my womb. His descriptions of all his photos were too precious for words.

The VIP with a groupie
(The VIP with a groupie.)

I think this is such a fabulous idea for young kids to do in the classroom. As a parent, I always check out each new poster every week and love to learn something new and fun about the classmates of my children. And putting the posters together with my own kids was priceless. I love hearing what they think about themselves and learning about what they value as little people.

Maybe we should all do a VIP poster for ourselves once in a while.

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