Sunday, April 18, 2010

Peelu is a bit yarn obsessed too

Getting it just so

I had forgot about this sweet series of photos of Peelu adrift in her own yarn art. One morning before school, after we taught the classes at Idea Fair, I let the kids do another small yarn art (since we still had the irresistable supplies still out on the table). I didn't really want Peelu to start it because I was in the middle of making lunches and I figured out she'd need lots of help with the glue and getting the yarn on top of it.

Color study by Peelu
Stay down, darn it!
She even handled her own glue!

Turns out she didn't. Need any help, that is.

Peelu's Yarn Paintings 1

I love artsy-craftsy little fingers.

Peelu's Completed Yarn Paintings

And the beautiful results of artsy-craftsy little fingers.

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