Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Peelu's Predicament

Peelu's Predicament 3

"Mama, mama, Elizabeth is stuck in my hair!!!"

Peelu's Predicament 2

Hmmmmm...I am thinking this was a little comeuppance for my little maniac. Moments before, she had put this battery powered Thomas the Train vehicle on her (best friend), Luke's head. Luckily he had short hair because it didn't catch anything. But he probably told her (very nicely, in fact) about six times to stop putting it on his head.

Peelu's Predicament 1

Then I went to make lunch....and she ran in...with Elizabeth all tangled and the wheels jammed and only her little monstrous self to blame. Sigh.....Thankfully the extraction didn't involve scissors. But of course I had to get some pictures. :-)

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