Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Signs of Spring

Spring is here!

Amidst the snow flurries, biting North winds, intimidating clouds, we have had some honest to goodness Spring-like weather. The problem is that it has only lasted a day or sometimes for just a few hours.

It gives me hope though.

Our little plum-tree-that-could is the first blooming tree in the yard. See the bees visiting?

The Plum tree is blooming

Can't wait for the cherry blossoms!

Anticipating the cherries!

And of course giggles in the backyard are the best sign of Spring of all!

Springtime Fun 2

However, we couldn't leave behind completely the odd freakish Spring weather of late....here is a good example from Last Wednesday...Spring? thunder & lightning storms and then gumball sized hail.

Backyard storm


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