Friday, May 28, 2010

The Rainbow Warriors

Peelu & Lukey with their finished creations!

I LOVE rainbows. I mean, really LOVE rainbows. And I think the kids have inherited my propensity to create rainbows wherever and whenever we can. Who can resist all that delicious color?

Peelu's almost finished rainbow

So when I discovered this wonderful craft on 5 Orange Potatoes, via The Crafty Crow, I knew I had to attempt it with some of my maniacs. I used Peelu and I borrowed her best friend, Lukey, to be my guinea pigs.

I dyed the pasta the day before and after a morning of games and sandbox play in the backyard, I asked the two kiddos if they wanted to do some crafts. Their VERY LOUD "YES" reverberated around the backyard so we went into the kitchen to get started.

Cut elittle crafty fingers
She was a very good listener on this project

I love little crafty fingers. They make my heart melt.

He was so proud of himself!

Lukey, is the youngest child of my dear friend, Becky. And besides the fact that I just love this kid to pieces, he is a very attentive crafter (especially for being only three years old).

He was so darn cute!

And he was SO EXCITED about his sun catcher when he was done. That alone, made the project worth it.

Peelu's wobbly rainbow is almost done!

And Peelu was also on her good behavior during this project, happily adding her pasta pieces in rainbow order. In fact, they were both surprisingly good listeners during this project. They waited patiently, listened and followed instructions and shared very nicely. I was shocked and immediately afterward, told them that we would have to institute craft time into our normal "Hanging out with Lukey Days".

Lukey finishing his last row on the rainbow
Putting on the purple

Little did I know that I created "Craft Monsters" this day....

Peelu's Hanging Rainbow

...but after seeing Peelu's rainbow in our front window a few days later, I realized it was worth it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lakeside Art

I always make hearts where ever I go

It's rather OCD of me, but I make hearts wherever I go...doodle them...paint them...trace them....arrange items into them....but this surprising day at the lake was definitely full of love....and some nature art too...

Name writing:
Spelling Practice at the Lake
Lil' mermaid spelled her name..

Discovering artistic treasures:
Nature treasure
Building small houses for the lake fairies (although I called them my "forest flowers"):
My present to the lake
I love the glowing green moss

Perfect description of the morning:

I wonder if anyone saw my heart...wondered about it...smiled at it...
Love Nature Art

Morning at the Lake

Scout Lake Beauty

A few weeks ago, when we last had sunshine, we made one of those quick trips up to a local lake - you know, one of those trips, when you don't have too many plans or expectations and it turns into a wonderfully fabulous afternoon.

Fishing was the intention, as we tried this new lake.
All three fisher kids
Reeling in
Papa giving a hand to the littlest fishergirl
Big Fishergirl casting
She was more patient than I thought

No fish. But more fun than we anticipated:
Goofballs on the log 2
Look at that fishing mug!

::Brother/Sister Moments::
Hot Rod & Peelu

::New Friends::
A visitor

::Log rolling & Laughter::
Log rolling?
Goofballs on the log 4

::Rock Skipping::
Throwing rocks

::Ripply Goodness::
Making ripples
Love this reflection
It looks like she's walking on the sky

Even The Master got a little casting practice in:
No bites however

In other words: Central Oregon Perfection.

Scout Lake

See, we shouldn't try so hard!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Chicken Wrangler

You shall not escape the chicken wrangler

She's tough.



This chicken puts up with so much

Knows how to get the job done.

The Chicken Wrangler gets it done

And she's not even three yet.

Lovely Weekend Gardening

It finally feels like Spring

Okay, I cannot tell a lie. These photos are from two weeks ago. Because that was the LAST TIME WE HAD ANY DECENT WEATHER FOR MORE THAN 30 MINUTES!!! I was lulled, I was fooled, I had hoped, I had PRAYED that Spring had actually arrived in Central Oregon.

I was wrong. As the last two weeks of thunder, lightning, hail, rain, freezing temperatures, frozen plants can attest to...

But I need a pick-me up here, on this cloudy, dreary morning. So I am posting these photos so I can pretend. For a bit at least.

Garden Colors #1 5/16/10

We all got out in the backyard for several enjoyable hours. Ross dug, pulled, planted, hauled, built, raked, shoveled....yes, his usual can't-sit-still-mode..

Garden Boy

I played with my flowers and herbs...even planted some...fantasized about what are yard could look like.....smiled at what it has finally become in 11 years...enjoyed the sunshine...

Lovely colors to plant

The start of my herb bucket

The nest helpers came out a bit late (but again, the weather has not been helpful). They looked lovely with the yarn, twine, wool, stringy bits hanging out. Hot Rod & Lil Mermaid spent quite a while figuring out where to hang them...

The Nest Helpers are back out

The chickens thoroughly enjoyed are weed pulling and got fat from so many worms...

Ooohhhh how the chickens liked.....

The worm finders

The kids were joyful maniacs, covered in dirt, grass stains all over, enjoying the beautiful day...

Peekin into the neighbors yard

The Backyard Maniacs

Dirty Little Feet
(Yes, those are Hot Rod's toes. And yes, he likes to paint his toenails. Although Ross has limited his color choices.)

It was one of those days you really can't plan. It just happens. And afterward you think, why can't every weekend be like this?

My lovely geraniums

Because the freaking weather won't cooperate! That's why!!