Saturday, May 22, 2010

Giant Bubbles

The Giant Bubble master

Mother's Day was a nice, low-key day at our house a few weeks ago. We went to church and the family took me out to some plant nurseries (my favorite Mother's Day tradition). Then we had my mom over for a yummy dinner. Of course, we made her work for it - she had to help chase the chickens, along with the maniacs, and put them back in their coop. It was a very needed, relaxing day. And watching my mom, attempt to craft (three different crafts) with all three of my children at the same time, made me happy to be a mom and happy that I had such a good teacher. Her craftiness has made me the craft freak that I am today. And I have lovingly passed that on to my children (and my husband too, if the truth be known!). So in that vein....we made my mom some homemade bubble juice and a giant bubble wand for Mother's Day.

Grandma W's Mother's Day Present

She has been blowing bubbles with little kids for as long as I can remember. Currently, that is one of Peelu's favorite activities to do with Grandma. So we thought bubble blowing gifts were a good fit for Grandma W this year.

The bubble making pros

I can't remember where we got the bubble juice recipe from...but there are a ton of them on-line. The instructions for the giant wands we found here, via The Crafty Crow. Sorry for the blurry photos, but the low light, combined with quick movement was not making my camera happy. Hopefully you can get the idea.

Ross making some giant bubbles

Lil' Mermaid was the giant bubble master (it takes some practice) but she ended up with bubble juice all over herself and she foamed up in the shower later that night! We hope Grandma will enjoy her giant bubbles!

Big trailing bubbles

Oh, and before I forget, the big kids made a really cute Mother's Day present at school. It was meant for me, initially, but I was the one who put the craft activity together for the class and helped all the kids. SO we thought we'd give our frames to Grandma. Aren't they cute?

The Mother's Day frames

Super easy to make. We used recycled cardboard, cut into a square with a 3x3 square cut out of the middle. We put scrapbook paper around the outside frame, punched and cut-out circles and other shapes for "flowers", added button centers to the flowers, glued on a yarn scrap for the hanger, and attached the photo to the back. Piece o-cake. It was fun to watch the kids embellish further and add their personal touches. We will definitely make these again.

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