Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grandma's Birthday Crafts

Happy BIrthday Grandma!

We have very cool Grandmas in our families. They are all crafty and very talented in many different areas. (That must be where we all get our maniacal crafty genes from....) So you can imagine that our creative gifts for these ladies are usually well-received and well-loved. A week or so ago was Grandma W's birthday and we came up with some great crafty/recycled gifts to make for her.

Up-close of Grandma's birthday vase

First off, I decided I needed to do something with the *&^*load of jars I have been hoarding. Yes, hoarding, I have a craft hoarding problem. There, it's out in the open (I know you are all snickering because you have know this for a while), but that is another story. Glass jars are just very fascinating to me lately. So I decided I needed to do something with them.

See the jar inside?

So I crocheted a little cover for a recycled pickle jar and made it into a pretty flower vase. Blue is my mom's favorite color. And I was happy to find some leftovers of this great Lily Self Striping yarn....and there you have it. If you've crocheted a bowl or a hat then you can make a jar cover. The blue vase is done in a spiral, but you could also slip stitch to each round. I think I used a g hook and dc all around. And of course I regularly use plain recycled jars for vases all the time anyway. Here's another great jar craft we have done too.

Crocheted jar vase with flowers

Next, the maniacs helped me make more rainbow cupcakes. You remember, these went over big time on St. Patrick's Day. I fully admit that I am no baker, but when the kids suggested these, I figured I could manage them again.

However, I had help this time.

Makin' some rainbows for Grandma

That changes things.

The batter didn't always cooperate

Actually they did pretty good. The rainbows just were not as .....even.

Rainbows are ready for the oven

But even nature is still beautiful in it's imperfections, right? So were these cupcakes.

Baked rainbows

And they were yummy!!

More rainbows to eat

Okay this is becoming a giant post. We have one more present we made for Grandma W.- an upside down tomato planter. I better do that in another post.

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