Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lakeside Art

I always make hearts where ever I go

It's rather OCD of me, but I make hearts wherever I go...doodle them...paint them...trace them....arrange items into them....but this surprising day at the lake was definitely full of love....and some nature art too...

Name writing:
Spelling Practice at the Lake
Lil' mermaid spelled her name..

Discovering artistic treasures:
Nature treasure
Building small houses for the lake fairies (although I called them my "forest flowers"):
My present to the lake
I love the glowing green moss

Perfect description of the morning:

I wonder if anyone saw my heart...wondered about it...smiled at it...
Love Nature Art

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  1. looks like fun. just found your little note from the Crafty Crow ornament swap last year. We were partners!
    love your blog