Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lovely Weekend Gardening

It finally feels like Spring

Okay, I cannot tell a lie. These photos are from two weeks ago. Because that was the LAST TIME WE HAD ANY DECENT WEATHER FOR MORE THAN 30 MINUTES!!! I was lulled, I was fooled, I had hoped, I had PRAYED that Spring had actually arrived in Central Oregon.

I was wrong. As the last two weeks of thunder, lightning, hail, rain, freezing temperatures, frozen plants can attest to...

But I need a pick-me up here, on this cloudy, dreary morning. So I am posting these photos so I can pretend. For a bit at least.

Garden Colors #1 5/16/10

We all got out in the backyard for several enjoyable hours. Ross dug, pulled, planted, hauled, built, raked, shoveled....yes, his usual can't-sit-still-mode..

Garden Boy

I played with my flowers and herbs...even planted some...fantasized about what are yard could look like.....smiled at what it has finally become in 11 years...enjoyed the sunshine...

Lovely colors to plant

The start of my herb bucket

The nest helpers came out a bit late (but again, the weather has not been helpful). They looked lovely with the yarn, twine, wool, stringy bits hanging out. Hot Rod & Lil Mermaid spent quite a while figuring out where to hang them...

The Nest Helpers are back out

The chickens thoroughly enjoyed are weed pulling and got fat from so many worms...

Ooohhhh how the chickens liked.....

The worm finders

The kids were joyful maniacs, covered in dirt, grass stains all over, enjoying the beautiful day...

Peekin into the neighbors yard

The Backyard Maniacs

Dirty Little Feet
(Yes, those are Hot Rod's toes. And yes, he likes to paint his toenails. Although Ross has limited his color choices.)

It was one of those days you really can't plan. It just happens. And afterward you think, why can't every weekend be like this?

My lovely geraniums

Because the freaking weather won't cooperate! That's why!!


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  1. Love the toes....I have 10 just like it today. The chickens are great too.

    I'm blog hopping today and thought I'd say hello :)