Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pincushion swap

Yay!  It's complete.

Okay, finally here are some photos from the pincushion swap that Kate at Fox's Lane hosted. Above is the pincushion that I made and sent to Sarah in the UK. As is typical for me, I dithered around for quite a while trying to decided which pincushion I wanted to make. (I have about 5 others started now-if you sew and your birthday is coming up - you are getting a pincushion from me!)

Top view of pincushion

Anyway, I have had this FABULOUS book from Julie Holetz Armstrong for several months now and it has been staring at me - demanding that I break it open for more than just drooling purposes. I have been wanting to try some crochet with other materials, so I thought I would try one of the cute pincushions in her book.

So happy!

It was very easy to follow the cute pattern. I made the round version with ordinary jute I got from the hardware store. The jute is not finger friendly crochet material, I'll tell you that! It was uneven and rough on the part of my right hand where the jute slid along. I do love the rustic look of the completed jute bowl. But I think I will venture into more of a jewelry type jute/hemp for my next non-yarn crochet project.

Little jute container

The fabric was some vintage looking fabric I had around for a while. I stuffed it with steel wool in the center (to keep the pins sharp) and poly fill all around. Then I was playing with some of those cute little flowers that Lucy has created at Attic24 and I discovered they were just the size to sew onto my pincushion.

I'm very happy with it.

Et voila! I was very happy with it. Sometimes I surprise myself. :-) So I sent off my little package to Sarah and was so happy to hear that she loved it. May it be a part of many happy sewing projects!

My pin cushion swap heading out

But wait, I am not finished. You have to see the pincushion that I received. It is so cool!

My fabulous pincushion swap gift

It makes you want to eat it and start sewing at the same time. Right? I LOVE it. The top pincushion part obviously pops out so you can get at all those yummy supplies.

The pin cushion goodies

The kids love this. My mom tried to take it home with her. Clearly I will have to be careful with this baby and keep a close watch on it.

Top of the sundae pin cushion

And I have Frieda to thank for this fabulous creation. She did such a great job on it. And the extra goodies make me smile every time I look at it. I am feeling some sewing projects coming on....inspired by this scrumptious pincushion. I can't wait. Thank you Frieda!

And thanks to Kate for the great hosting job for the entire swap. It was so fun. Getting handmade crafts in the mail from far off, fellow crafters? Pure wonderfull-ness!!


  1. Oh my, I am jealous of both of you, for giving and receiving such lovely pin cushions,
    they are both super, so glad I didnt have to choose a fave,

  2. Yay! LOVE the pin cushion you sent Sarah! I have that book somewhere here. I forgot it has that gorgeous pattern in it. Better pull it out and have another look. Thanks for being such a great swapper.

  3. Both are lovely! Cute idea for the sundae. haven't tried crocheting non yarn materials, but it looks like it has a lot of potential. Swaps look like fun!

  4. Ok I don't sew (as you know) but I am coveting the pin cushion you made. I love the materials, I love the fabric. It's perfection. Now what else could I do with a pin cushion???????