Friday, May 28, 2010

The Rainbow Warriors

Peelu & Lukey with their finished creations!

I LOVE rainbows. I mean, really LOVE rainbows. And I think the kids have inherited my propensity to create rainbows wherever and whenever we can. Who can resist all that delicious color?

Peelu's almost finished rainbow

So when I discovered this wonderful craft on 5 Orange Potatoes, via The Crafty Crow, I knew I had to attempt it with some of my maniacs. I used Peelu and I borrowed her best friend, Lukey, to be my guinea pigs.

I dyed the pasta the day before and after a morning of games and sandbox play in the backyard, I asked the two kiddos if they wanted to do some crafts. Their VERY LOUD "YES" reverberated around the backyard so we went into the kitchen to get started.

Cut elittle crafty fingers
She was a very good listener on this project

I love little crafty fingers. They make my heart melt.

He was so proud of himself!

Lukey, is the youngest child of my dear friend, Becky. And besides the fact that I just love this kid to pieces, he is a very attentive crafter (especially for being only three years old).

He was so darn cute!

And he was SO EXCITED about his sun catcher when he was done. That alone, made the project worth it.

Peelu's wobbly rainbow is almost done!

And Peelu was also on her good behavior during this project, happily adding her pasta pieces in rainbow order. In fact, they were both surprisingly good listeners during this project. They waited patiently, listened and followed instructions and shared very nicely. I was shocked and immediately afterward, told them that we would have to institute craft time into our normal "Hanging out with Lukey Days".

Lukey finishing his last row on the rainbow
Putting on the purple

Little did I know that I created "Craft Monsters" this day....

Peelu's Hanging Rainbow

...but after seeing Peelu's rainbow in our front window a few days later, I realized it was worth it!


  1. Luke was so proud of his rainbow. Thank you! He can't wait to go back for more. I'm going to have to share this.

  2. I love this. I saw it on the Crafty Crow as well but have not tried it yet. Those little wagon wheels are great for making snowflakes too:)