Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Soccer Coach

The soccer coach

I elbowed you into it.
You've never coached or specifically taught a group of kids before.
You were nervous.
You planned and planned.
You looked up drills, gathered cones, raced home from work for practices.
It was a terribly cold, windy and crazy-weather-ridden season.
You had practices in pouring rain ("just drizzle" said the guy who grew up outside of Portland).
It was only six weeks.
It was a long six weeks.
You had awesome parents.
And you had parents you never met.
The first team you played was "The Black Team of Death".
Your team survived.
Only to have to play a second game later that first day.
You were the cutest coach out there. (hee hee)
Some practices you had more parents than kids.
One practice, your two year old pulled her pants down and peed in the goal box.
Sharks & Minnows was your favorite game.
You learned more than you thought you would.
You had a great time with nine 1st and 2nd grade boys.
You made a difference to some of them.
Red Dynamite
Your son was proud of you.
I was proud of you.
You're a good man, Charlie Brown. also have some awesome friends who coached this season too. And it was pretty funny to see all of you hanging out at some group event......talking about coaching soccer!

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  1. Wicked awesome!! Tell Rossi he is a great dad, and to keep doing what he is doing.