Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Upside Down Tomato Planter

The finished upside down tomato planter

I almost forgot to post this other crafty garden gift for Grandma W.'s birthday. We have been meaning to make one of these for a few years now - ever since that Topsy Turvy planter has been in the stores. There are a ton of instructions on-line and we perused quite a few. Here are the ones we found most helpful:



We decided that weight could become a factor with such a small container to start. So Ross picked up some cherry tomato plants at the store, rather than some beefy variety that wants to bear heavy fruit. We also used a recycled juice bottle and a soda bottle.

Upside down tomato planter supplies

We mixed up some good soil, added some of our own compost and perlite (also to help with water retention and weight).

Hanging planter soil mix

We knew the roots shouldn't be exposed to sunlight so Ross duct taped around the bottle. We just happened to have green duct tape.

Covering the container

He also cut the spout off, pushed that part inside and wrapped the tape around the sharp edges. Carefully he tucked the plant through then sphagnum moss went in around the plant stem to help keep the water in. Then went in the soil to the top.

Plant is in

He had also cut the base of the bottle off, wrapped the tape around those edges and punctured holes around the opening. Then he tied twine through the holes for a hanger.

Cutting off the bottom of the planter

It looks pretty cool. Grandma W. was very excited about it. She loves cool gadgety things and is always recycling things into her garden projects. We will have to jeep posted on it's status. And of course we'll make a few of our own as well. Probably some strawberries too. We'll keep you posted.

Peeking at the top of the upside down..


  1. That's way cool. Have you ever grown yellow cherry tomatoes? They're the bomb!

  2. amazing idea worth trying... thanks for sharing