Sunday, June 20, 2010

Collage with little fingers

Such colorful collage

Yep, another Peelu & Lukey afternoon craft session. What can I say - we're addicted! Here's the start, it's really easy, just grab a bunch of stuff that little kids can glue down! Here you can see that we used several crafty items that we have on hand: dyed pasta beads, buttons, patterned paper, tissue paper, feathers, sticks, pipe cleaners, fabric scraps, foamies.

The start

A handful here and there was enough for these two to choose from.

It's so cute how they work around each other
The beginnings of Lukey's collage
Peelu's collage in process

Oh yeah, I used recycled frozen lunch containers for their collage tray. These work great for contained crafts for little ones. And we just used regular white glue to stick everything down. I did direct them a bit to start with a background first, explaining that the "flat stuff" covers the black container easier and makes for a nice background for the more 3-dimensional objects. They just LOVED picking items and gluing them down!

That girl has the glue bottle business down!
He loved sticking things down

Peelu sure can wield a glue bottle! And Lukey had some definite design ideas. They were so darn proud of themselves and excited to show their collages off!

What a cutie!"See mine, see mine!!"

They were so happy!

Yay! Another great crafter-noon with two of my favorite mini-crafters.

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