Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fingerprint necklaces

Lukey with one of his fingerprint necklaces

This is one of those wonderful ideas you find in the blog-o-sphere and just absolutely fall in love with....I found this idea on The Crafty Crow. It was a Mother's Day gift idea. And it is so easy and so simple and so fabulous. You MUST try this!! And of course, it is a cool present for anytime. We made three for each kid, one for the Mamas and two for the two grandmas.

Peelu making her thumb imprint

Kids always love playing with dough of any sort. So the rolling and squeezing was good for their little hands and little brains. ANd they loved pressing their fingers or thumbs down into the clay. In fact we did that VERY often.

Proud of her fingerprint

Lots of smiles and talk about making them for their mamas (yes, one of those mamas was me) and grandmas.

Making sure his thumb is still there

Here's all three of Lukey's pendants before baking:
All three of Lukey's pendants ready to bake

And here's the excitement after they came out of the oven and were strung on some hemp twine:

Showing his necklace

Peelu, of course, had to combine colors and be different. I forgot to take a picture of the back, but I lightly carved their initial and wrote the date.

Peelu holding one of her fingerprint necklaces

Really, you must try them. I forget how awesome baking clay is. Off to have the big kids make some too to send to their grandma back East.

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