Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The laundry line BMX track

Does he think he's being sneaky?

I have finally come to really love and enjoy our backyard after 11 years of working on it (and of course that work is still in progress). I especially love it because our front yard is not a safe place for our kids to play unattended. We live on a pretty busy street with many, many people who do NOT follow the speed limit. So pretty much, we limit the kids to playing in the backyard and our nearby park.

Cruising behind the laundry line

Thankfully we are on a decent sized lot (1/3 acre) so we have a bit of space to play, garden, sit, run....and apparently to bike ride.

The laundry line bicylce race?

Lately we've been working hard on the landscaping both in the back and front yards and Ross cut a bunch of sod out for less watering and better weed control. He inadvertently created a "racetrack" around the backyard. And Hot Rod is making the most of it. I feel kinda bad because we do not take them out bike riding nearly enough. And because of the aforementioned dangerous road out front, we don't let them out bike riding there by themselves yet. I grew up on a huge cul-de-sac with houses on 1/2 acre to 1 acre lots. It was heaven for bike riding around and around....I wish my kiddos could have had that space to ride in. But they seem to be doing just fine with the laundry line race track.

What a goofball!

Kids'll make do with anything if we let their imagination go. I love that.

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