Friday, June 4, 2010


Luminarias lit 5

Didn't you make these as a kid? One of those easy crafts that can have such stunning results. And doesn't luminaria sound so beautiful? I think we called them punched tin lanterns back in the old days.

Luminarias lit 2

Save your tin cans. Freeze water in them. Take them out. Wrap them in an old cloth so the frozen can can be gripped. Grab a sturdy nail and a hammer and start punching away. You could use a permanent marker to make your design ahead of time. But we just went free form.

Hot Rod and a hammer

Designing as we went along.

Hot Rod's first design

Obviously, be careful with sharp nails and heavy hammers. And you will find that if you didn't freeze your water up to the top that it's really hard to punch your tin when there is no resistance from the ice....of course it get a move on.

Lil' Mermaid working on her frosty can

It's fun and it gives you freckles!

Designing away

And the results are always beautiful...

Luminarias lit 1
Luminarias lit 4
Luminarias lit 3


  1. i've been wanting to do this for some time now, but we rarely have cans around. looks like I'll have to get some. your look great! freckles are so cute!!

  2. Love how these turned out... in the photos they almost have a coppery hue to them... so pretty!

  3. They are so beautiful! ...And look like fun too. My girls will be so excited about using nails and hammers :-)

  4. Doing this one too. Love it.