Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rainbow Strings

Handful of color

You KNOW, I love rainbows. So a colorful craft project was again in store for Peelu & Lukey on their now-mandated craft hour during our days together.

We pretty much play with beads whenever we can, as evidenced by the large bead bowl in the photo above. Lots of necklaces have been made in our home, and we use them to complete ornaments and other crafty items whenever possible. But I saw this easy little tutorial on Whimsical Ways, via The Crafty Crow, and I started to think about making a string of rainbows to decorate our yard. So here we go....

Little fingers creeping...

I got some wire and trimmed off a few long lengths. I curled the end so the beads wouldn't fall off and we commenced the stringing. They were very good about the wire and thankfully no poking accidents occurred. The wire was much easier for them to string on then a floppy piece of string.

Lukey stringing his rainbow

I talked to them about picking beads that they could see through. So we had quite a discussion about colors and light and dark and holding the beads up to the window. I don't think they got my explanation on opacity but they figured out which beads to look for, for the most part. Some beads were simply too good to pass up even though no light went through them.

Peelu stringin' along

Starting their rainbow strings

Again, these two worked so well together. I LOVE this photo of Peelu holding Lukey's string for him so he could fit his beads on it.


Here's a hilarious shot of them trying to untangle their finished strings to show them to me.

Tangled Rainbow strings

My original intention was to hang them from a window, like Whimsical Ways demonstrated. But lately I have been thinking a lot about yard art and how to incorporate more coolness into our backyard. So, when the big maniacs came home we each made our own rainbow string (and one for Papa). We hung them up on one of our backyard trees during a rare sunny day a few weeks ago.

Rainbows dripping from our backyard tree

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