Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rainbow yard art


Remember the rainbow strings we just made with Lukey & Peelu? Well, I have to say, they have become, quite possibly, my new favorite backyard art.

Rainbow string in the tree

We have a chokecherry tree that sits right in the middle of our backyard. We made 5 rainbow string for everyone in our family and randomly hung them up in this tree.

All 5 rainbow strings hangin in the backyard tree

They look so beautiful there. Shining in the sun, their bright colors winking in the light, the strings swaying in the breezes...

Dangling rainbow string

..such simple decorations and yet they make me smile, every time I see them, whether it's from inside as I just glance out or I am sitting beneath their dangling shadows...

A few rainbow strings hanging....

I think more bright, colorful and whimsical art will be heading to our backyard very soon. They are really easy to make - you should try some - and bring some rainbows to your backyard!

Rainbow string in the tree 2

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  1. Getting ready to do this project with the boys once I'm done looking at your blog.