Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rock Painting

Peelu & Lukey's hand painted rocks

I think this was our last craft project for Lukey and Peelu for a bit. We kept is simple, but thoroughly enjoyable.

Very intent on painting his rocks

Acrylic paint and some smooth river rocks that I had collected.

Going all out!

Very simple and yet it kept them occupied for a good while.

Painting away

What kid doesn't like to paint?

Little art fingers

Gotta love those little art fingers and hands...especially when they show how much these two loved making their art...

Lukey's hands after painting his rocks
Peelu's hands after painting her rocks

When dry, I sprayed the rocks with some sealer. Peelu placed hers in the backyard, around some plants she likes.

Peelu's painted rocks in the backyard

Yay! More colorful backyard art!

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