Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yarn bowls - not succesful

Is it done?

We've seen this project on several different web sites and followed the general gist. But alas, they did not turn out so hot. The bowl shape did not hold after they dried. Maybe I watered down the glue too much? Not sure. But the little ones still enjoyed the tactile experience.


Dipping the yarn

It was fun to watch the color choices they made.

Lukey liked the one color scheme

Lukey, was all yellow - from his balloon to his yarn pieces.

Peelu applying her goopy yarn strings

I am sure the goopy glue was a fun incentive.

Little fingers in the glue

They did turn out to be cool looking yarn sculptures. Maybe I will just re-name the project. Yes, that's it. Here's our lovely yarn sculptures:

Ehhhh...the yarn bowls

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