Friday, July 2, 2010

A 3 year old in the house

A new three year old #2

Yep, I have been a bit late in posting about Peelu's momentous occasion this past month. On June 8th a three year old woke up in our house. Where has the time gone?

Birthday girl

June was a complete blur to me, what with school ending a week early, VBS at church to prepare for, Father's Day...but we tried hard not to short change our littlest occupant. Her brother and sister made her birthday posters that turned out to be super sweet.

Lil' Mermaid's birthday poster for Peelu
Hot Rod's birthday poster for Peelu

Papa made her some extra special birthday pizza (with real, authentic, tossed pizza dough!)

Homemade pizza for Peelu's birthday dinner

We had a lovely dinner on our patio and then headed to meet some friends at our local pool for an evening of splashing around.

Peelu's birthday dinner

We don't typically do big birthday partied for our kids but Hot Rod and Lil' Mermaid had a party with friends when they turned three. So we asked Peelu who she wanted to invite and she picked her "two best fwends" - Lukey and FB. They both happen to be boys. I think that is too cute. We also invited their families (who happen to be some of our best friends and who just perfectly have siblings right around Hot Rod and Lil' Mermaids age), G & G and Peelu's godparents for a party when the weekend arrived.

It was a beautiful day with family and friends.

Birthday festivities

We had chicken wrangling.

Wrangling at the birthday party

We had some group art activities:
Racing to finish the murals

We had cake:

Her cupcake birthday tower

And we had a very, very, very happy three year old:

Boy, does she love this chicken

Happy birthday, Baby Girl!

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