Saturday, July 3, 2010

Apparently we are beekeepers now

Showing off his mad bee skillz

Ross is just as obsessive about ideas as I am, possibly even worse than I am. (Although I am sure he would contradict me there). For the past few years he has been very interested about the idea of beekeeping.

I guess we're beekeepers now

As with his bread skillz, gardening skillz, woodworking skillz, auto mechanic skillz....etc...well, let's just say that once something grabs him - he's caught good. He reads up on whatever project he's learning about, he asks around his very varied group of friends about their input and knowledge on the subject. And then somehow, he always finds somebody who has just what he needs to get him off and running on his new adventure. It may be they have a new bread recipe or some perennials to plant in our yard, or an old engine or an exotic piece of wood...or a spare beehive....

Showing off his mad bee skillz

I do have to fess up though that I have always been curious about beekeeping. And of course I've read and seen The Secret Life of Bees and if that doesn't make you want to be a beekeeper, I don't know what does! But really, I gave him the perfect entry into this beekeeping project by finding out that Peelu's preschool teacher (who was also one of Lil' Mermaid's & Hot Rod's teachers) knew a bit about beekeeping because her husband has several hives, loves to teach others about it and she gave me his cell number. Well, of course, good wife that I am (ahem) I gave Ross the info and the next thing I knew....trips to see the to a local beekeeping meeting...woodoworking in the shop until the wee hours making....yep, you guessed it - beekeeping equipment!

Total bee obsession.

More reading, more researching, ordering up of proper clothing....and then, I came home an empty bee hive. "But I traded for it, Honey. All I have to do is make some wooden hive stands, blah, blah, blah...our bees are arriving next week".

Showing me how it works

Stay tuned for the next adventure!

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