Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Backyard Murals

The boys' completed mural

I totally forgot to do this follow-up post after Peelu's birthday party. She only turned three, remember, and her best friends happily brought their elder siblings ( who all happen to be close friends of Hot Rod & Lil' Mermaid too). So I tried to find a simple crafty/artsy activity for all of them.

The "Big girls' mural"

I came up with a simple idea - a Backyard Art Mural Race.

The "little ones" completed mural

I stapled three posters to the backyard fence and we divided the kids up into three teams - big boys, big girls and little kids. They had a bucket of markers and we gave them 10 minutes to work as a team and create a mural for the birthday girl (of course the birthday girl was the leader of the little kids team).

The bucket of markers was in the middle...
Racing to finish the murals

You can probably tell that the teams were divided up by big girls, big boys and little ones.

The girls had a plan
The boys were having fun
Art discussion with the three year old set

This event was surprisingly fun for all the kids. They had a great time coming up with a plan and then trying to hide their mural from the other teams while they completed it.

Greg peeking at the girls work
Working hard!

The parents voted and I think it was a tie. But the results were fun to look at and stayed put on our backyard fence until we had a thunderstorm.

The three birthday murals on the back fence
The girls with completed birthday mural
The boys with completed birthday mural

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