Sunday, July 18, 2010

The beekeeper and his junior apprentices

Now it's Lil' Mermaid's turn

Ross is so very excited about his bees. And I love that he is actively building the kids' interest in beekeeping. The other day he asked them if they wanted to check the hive out and they got suited up. Hot Rod went first.

Junior Beekeeper #1 Suited up
Hot Rod and Ross and the bees
Calming them down
Prying off the extra comb
Getting to the frames

I loved hearing explain about the bees while he was opening the hive. The kids were fascinated and properly respectful of the bees. Lil' Mermaid got to search for the Queen with her father.

Beekeeping in the afternoon sun
The master beekeeper
Papa and Beekeeper apprentice #2
Showing her what to do
Looking for the Queen

And there she is! All Hail the Queen Bee!
There's the Queen

Cool stuff for geeks like us!
That's a few bees

I really hope that they continue to be fascinated by beekeeping. Especially when the inevitable stings do occur. Youch! But so far, so good.

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