Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crafts for the 4th

So easy and so cool

We got invited to be on the preschool float for Peelu's school. So you know we had to get decked out in full patriotic spirit. First we found this super cool eagle design in Family Fun magazine. The big kids had a great time making these. AND they were super easy.

Printing their eaglesAdding the head
I love this cool designJust using the kids' hands

Then the next day, Peelu decided she wanted to decorate her own tank top. So I came up with an easy firework design. And wouldn't you know it - the big kids decided they wanted fireworks too - on the back of their eagle shirts. For the fireworks I just used some fabric paint I had in a bottle- red, blue & glittery silver.

Firework shirts all done

I had the kids hold out their hands, palm up and I squirted lines of paint down their fingers. Then they just put their hand face down on their shirts. It made a super easy firework effect.

Red firework going downFirst firework print

PrintingLil' Mermaid working on her fireworks
Hot Rod's shirtThe start of Peelu's fireworks

An just in case you think that was all the craftiness we had in store for the 4th - we also made sparkler skirts for the girls.

Our patriotic angel?
Our three masked patriots

And fun masks, too!

Peelu's monkey mask for the parade
The preschool alumnus were also on the float
Statue of Liberty was there

Phew! It was a crafty 4th! You can probably guess that it is one of our favorite holidays.

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