Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ever entered something in your County Fair?

Peelu's Watercolor Art at Fair

If not, you should! Seriously. And your kids, too. They will love it. I promise. Most likely (if you live in the US) your County has a local fair during the Summer or in early Fall. Most likely they have an Open Division where the general public can enter items: handcrafted, homebaked, homegrown, etc. Ross has entered his vegetables before and last year we even had a friend enter his home brewed beer.

R's Sunflyer

I've been entering things in fair since I was a little kid - in Open classes until I was old enough to be in 4-H. But then I had a long spell of not entering anything even though I always attended the local Fair no matter where we lived. Well, since Hot Rod and Lil' Mermaid got old enough to actually be able to create something kinda recognizable they have been entering items in our local Fair. I think the big kids were four years old when they started, but Peelu joined them last year at the tender age of two.

S with his Fair Entries 2009
Lil' Mermaid and her Fair Entries
Peelu and her Fair Entries

The kids LOVE it. It's free. It's fun.

S with his Robot at Fair
R with her Crayon Drawing at Fair

The kids LOVE to see their artwork and crafts and photos displayed for the public to look at. They think the ribbons are cool. And the premium checks were a bonus we didn't even know about. (We let them use the money to buy new art supplies!) At our Fair, youth under 12 get a free fair entrance bracelet for the entire week of Fair if they enter even one item.

R with fair entries
S with Fair entries

Now this may sound dorky to you, but you would be surprised that even large cities have local Fairs where you can enter items. My sister in Anaheim, CA even gets her kids to enter items in the ORANGE COUNTY FAIR. That Fair is HUGE and her kids thought it was so cool, they started a trend among some of their friends in entering items. And last year, my mom, my sister and I challenged each other to enter an item of our own in our respective Fairs. And we all did. It was awesome!

My Fair Entries

And being the total craft dork that I am - I got a major kick out of it and dragged everybody over to see my ribbons! Yep, total dork! You should try it. If not for yourself - for your kids.

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