Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Felted Geodes

LIke our felted geodes?

When I saw some photos on-line at Spin or Dye with these cool felted balls cut in half....I knew that this would be a project for Hot Rod. So, after the robots were done and Lil' Mermaid finished her felted puppet. I introduced Hot Rod to making felted geodes - combining his love of felting with his love of rock collecting (specifically geodes).

Now he's into the felting again

We started just by wet felting some balls, adding different colors for different layers - with the intention of seeing these layers after we cut the ball in half.

My felt ball

We also decided to experiment more with the needle felting and I showed him how to do it.

Needle felting
Hot Rod needle felting onto his felt ball
Hot Rod wants to make felt geodes

Personally, I never have been as good of a wet felter as Ross and the kids are, so I like the addition of needle felting over your wet felt ball, especially if you want to add some cool spirals and lines of color on the balls.

Trying a new technique for me

After we had some balls made, we could hardly wait to let them dry and cut them open. We waited for the next day (we could have also thrown them into the washer and dryer). Then we carefully cut them open. I had read somewhere to use an electric knife, but we don't have one. I just sharpened up our big kitchen knife and we went to work.

Cutting open his felt ball
His felt geodes!

The turned out SO cool!

Such pretty insides
Close-up of my big geode
More felted geodes

We are SO making these again!


  1. Hi Kellie, I just love this project! I found you thru i-crochet and I can't wait to take a few moments (okay, lots more than that!)to look over some of your great projects. In the meantime, I hope it's okay, I"m going to link to this project on my weekly international linking party as we're short on projects for kids this week, and I know my readers will love this one! I'd love it if you'd drop by the party on your own, either this week or next Sunday for the new list, and I think you'll find lots of interesting projects on my blog as well, we share many interests! All the best!

  2. Great idea for a project! My sons and I have done some wet felting but never like this. How fun! They turned out so cool! Thanks for shairng. My sons and I will have such a good time making these. Whenever we get around to making them, I will link back to you. Might wait until it is warm here and do them outside so that they can dry in the sun. Also, I have signed to follow your blog.
    Have a happy day today:)

  3. Идея - просто супер !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Я хочу повторить ))))
    Катя из Сибири