Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I totally forgot....

A colorful table

...to share our papier mache lanterns, didn't I? I got a wild thought not too long ago, after seeing this post from Kleas, to make some papier mache lanterns for our new back porch.

Drying papier mache lanterns 4

Of course, me being me, this consumed me for several hours.

Drying papier mache lanterns 3
Drying papier mache lanterns 1

They did look pretty drying on the laundry line however. Like our own little hot air balloons. Unfortunately I forgot two of them on the line that night and woke up to them lying on the ground in soppy piles because the sprinklers got to them. Note to self: DO not leave papier mache drying outside overnight.

Pretty papier mache lanterns ...

But I do think they turned out pretty cool. And even look nice in the afternoon sunshine.

Papier mache lanterns glowing...
Lanterns on the back porch

Ross also strung up some little outdoor lights to bunch up inside the lanterns.

Finally some twinkling lanterns
Stormy afternoon but dremay twinkle lights

Ahhhh...it does the soul good to get your fingers sticky sometimes.

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  1. Hooray for new blog posts! I was feeling lost without your blog updates. I'm so amazed how much you can accomplish with your kids and everyone else's kids!