Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ladybug, ladybug

ladybug on my finger

The kids and I were standing in line at the garden center of Fred Meyers. Of course, we had picked up some more flowers to plant along with the necessities we were buying and then.....we saw them.

Checking on the ladybugs

A net bag filled with ladybugs. I showed the kids.

ladybugs ready to go

They thought the ladybugs were cool.

Ladybugs on Hot Rod

They thought we should get the bag.

On Lil' Mermaid too

They thought the poor ladybugs needed a home....

Hot Rod spying on his ladies

preferably in our backyard.

ladybugs galore

What's a curious Mama to do?

More ladybugs

Of course we bought the darn bag of ladybugs.

Ladybugs in her hair!

Took them home.

Lil Mermaid's insect friends

Waited for Papa.

Papa & Peelu covered in ladybugs

And set them free as the sun went down.

Are they all gone?

Hey, at least my kids don't nag me for toys or candy while we're waiting in the check-out line, right? (Okay, I take that back, Peelu does frequently tell me that she really, really NEEDS a chocolate bar while we're waiting in line - oh wait, maybe that's me talking).

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