Sunday, July 11, 2010

Manly Man Picture Frame

Hot Rod's completed frame for his Papa

Did you like this cool picture frame that Hot Rod made for his Papa for Father's Day? It's super duper easy to make.

You will need:
Blank wooden frame (or a recycled one)
Paint (acrylic or spray paint)
Paint brushes (if you're using paint from the bottle)
Assorted small manly items (washers, nails, screws, metal bits, coins, etc)
Strong glue

First: Paint the frame. We already had spray paint out for another project so Hot Rod just used that - in a manly black color of course.

Spraying his frame

Second: Wait until the paint has dried and then glue on your gathered "manly items".
Hot Rod glueing his "dad" items to his frame

Since these items are most likely metal and possibly heavy, we used a strong glue. I think ours was mosaic tile glue, but there are several brands of strong glue that work well on attaching metal.

Almost finished with his Father's Day present

Let everything dry and there you have it! I was very proud that Hot Rod used this photo of him with his sisters. I told him he could put a picture of just him and his Papa in the frame. But he picked this one. Ross has it sitting on the work bench in his garage.

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  1. Look at that boy, creating. Ain't it awesome?! I can totally see why you would be proud, God bless! The final product is super cool!! XOXO