Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More recycled art

Cool recycled wall hanging

Oh yeah, besides the robot and felting going on....Lil' Mermaid also worked on her recycled art project for Fair. I had found this cool little tutorial for a small tin can art project and showed it to Lil' Mermaid. She showed her dad and off they went out into the garage to pound a coffee can flat.

Lil' Mermaid pounding her recycling art

Then he gave her the glue gun and the drill and away she went....

Lil' Mermaid still going on her recycle craft
Hot glueing

Here it is completed:
Recycle art against side of house
The recycled flowers out of the top
More close-ups

You can see she grabbed little bits from here and there...she says it is a wall hanging vase holding flowers.

Recycled art wall hanging

Her "flowers" are quite creative, I thought.

Recycled art with items ferreted from our kitchen
a drawer knob flower
A cork flower
Recycled flowers

My favorite bits are these dolphin beads she glued in a circle and the totally random green die.

What imagination that girl has!

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  1. we love your stuff!!!!!!! Cool Mom! I have three little ones...were ready to create! Peace,, Linda (41) Fiona (9) Kathleen (8) and Elise (5) From Massachusetts :)