Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simplest puzzles ever!

Peelu & Papa puzzle

This was one of those crafts you see somewhere else and go "duh", what a great idea, how simple and why didn't I think of that? Luckily, Impress Your Kids shared this wonderful little gift with the rest of us, via The Crafty Crow.

Peelu's gift to her Papa

Basically, glue a photo onto some craft sticks (we used the chubby, wider ones) and then cut them apart

The puzzle we made for Grandpa W

See? That's it. Aren't they fabulous though? Our family loves puzzles, especially my father. So Peelu made the one for her and her Papa for her Father's Day present. Then we all made the one fo the three kids for their grandfather. We wrapped them up with scrap fabric for a cute little presentation.

Peelu with her puzzle for her Papa

Then we got down to some puzzle assembling.

Putting together his puzzle

Both my dad and Ross thought they were fantastic. Peelu must have put together each puzzle about a dozen times. This craft was the perfect gift from a little one.


  1. what a fantastic idea,
    I was having a durr, as I could not work out how to print on them until reading this,
    thanks for the brain jolt,

  2. Wicked awesome, gotta try it now.