Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A sweet felted finger puppet

The finished mermaid finger puppet

Sometimes I am just amazed at what my children create. Especially when it is an art or a craft that I struggle with and yet they easily accomplish. Such was the case with these felted finger puppets.

Wet felting

I found this wonderful tutorial to make a wet felted finger puppet at Rhythm of the Home. It sounded so easy. I had to try it. I started out okay, making the finger base and then it fell apart. I got very upset and went upstairs to get something. By the time I had come back down, Lil' Mermaid had picked up my discarded, dripping wool and started her own puppet.

Felting her mermaid puppet

She kept working at it diligently, and it soon turned into a mermaid.

The mermaid is drying

We got out our newly acquired needle felting stuff and decided to try it for the first time on her puppet.

Needle felting part of the mermaid
Her first experience needle felting

She kept working it back and forth and it dried and became this lovely puppet.

Cutest finger puppet!

I was amazed. She inspired me and I started again and made this simple Waldorf style puppet.

My first wet felted puppet

I took a deep breath and tried not to be a perfectionist. Lil' Mermaid came over and rubbed my shoulders while I worked on my little puppet. She gave me encouraging words and gently told me what I was doing wrong....It worked.

My finger puppet
My felted Waldorf puppet

And I was pleasantly surprised.

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