Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tin Can Scarecrows - in the making

What do you think?

Oops, I've been corrected, one scarecrow and one robot boy. Anyway, here's the story...

Robot Parts

Hot Rod has been wanting to make a robot out of cans and recycled bits for some time now. Fair is coming up so I thought this would be a great idea for an entry for the recycled art class.

Bit & Pieces

So, during one stay-at-home afternoon we all decided to start work on some fair entries. I was working with Lil' Mermaid on some wool felting (more on that later) and Ross was working with Hot Rod.

Pieces of the scarecrow/robot

It started out simple enough....drilling, drilling and more drilling...

Drilling into the cans
Drilling, drilling, drilling
More robot work

And then I look over and see this crazy cool tin man coming alive...but Ross is somehow doing more and more work on it.

He's taking shape
He's looking pretty cool.
Almost completed

So I say, "ummmmm, Ross, this is supposed to be entered in Fair and really he's supposed to be doing all of the work on his project." Ross, who never does anything simply (bless his heart), grumbled about it. "Well, this is too advanced for him at this age." And I said, "that's why you are just supposed to help him (ie. keep him from drilling into his finger) make a robot that is at "his" level. They had a discussion.

Scarecrow/robot discussion

Hot Rod agreed he wasn't doing all the work himself on this robot and that he would really like to totally make his own. So Ross got him some more cans and some wire that Hot Rod could easily bend and let him run with the cordless drill. Wait a minute...I don't mean he let him run across the floor with a drill, I mean he let him go ahead with his own robot design.

Hot Rod making his own robot

Meanwhile, Ross set to "real" work on "his own" scarecrow robot (hmmm...possibly his intention all along?......)

Putting the finishing touches on his robot/scarecrow

And Hot Rod puttered along himself.

Tying it together
Handling the drill by himself
Working on his head.

Stay tuned to see how they both turned out!

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