Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Watercolors on wood

Our beautoful afternoon craft session

More pre-Fair crafty ideas. We saw these cool wood coins on Fun in the Making, via The Crafty Crow. So I had Ross cut me a few wood rounds from our cherry tree after he did some limbing. Then I thought this might be a cool idea for a nature craft for one of the kids for Fair. So Hot Rod cut some "coins" from juniper branches on his own and decided to paint them.

Hot Rod painting with water colors

He used non-toxic Prang watercolors and made a rainbow spiral, a volcano and Scooby Doo (for his little sister who is obsessed with Scooby Doo).

All three of his painted wood coins

This one is my favorite because you KNOW I LOVE rainbows!

Rainbow nature art

And the aforementioned little sister saw us painting and demanded to paint as well. Her brother found her a chunk of wood and she created this beautiful piece of art:

Peelu couldn't resist either.

I had to get in on this too. (Because really, we all know the only reason my kids get to do so much arts & crafts is because I AM OBSESSED). Found me a chunk of wood and made a colorful statement.

You can see he inspired me too!

Don't you just LOVE simple crafts that turn out beautifully?


  1. I love how these turned out!!! So beautiful! So vibrant!

  2. Where are you? I miss your blogging!