Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet Lil' Granny Bowl

Felted granny square bowl

Isn't she cute? So easy to make too. Crocheting any type of granny item has definitely been a low-level obsession for the past few months. I had seen some cute granny square bowls on Ravelry and thought I should try it. And the fact that they were felted made my heart even happier. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE felting things? Okay, here's the bowl after I finished crocheting:

pre-felting top view
All ready to felt
Granny square bowl pre-felting

SO dang easy to make. Just a granny square and then no corner increases to make the sides. I usually am a 3 chain corner girl and 2 chain between the granny clusters. But I think to keep the stitches closer together for felting purposes, this time I did a 2 chain corner and no chain between the clusters.

Did that make sense? If not, here is a more detailed explanation I gave a lady on Ravelry: My bowl base is 5 rounds, I believe. 3 blue and 2 white. These rounds I did with the two granny clusters in the corners. The next green round is where I stopped making the 2 cluster corners. Just regular granny clusters (3dc) in all chain spaces (or spaces between clusters). So the “walls” of my bowl consist of 7 rounds. For the zigzag/ricrac effect I did two rounds of the same color in a row (the green and the blue). Then I did single rounds of white, green and blue. I finished off with sc around the top.

And here is the bowl all felted again. Twice in the washer, stopping at the spin cycle.

Granny square bowl from above

I was just loving these summer-y colors and decided to make some more granny square coasters and felt them at the same time as the bowl. I think I changed the coaster configuration slightly from the first ones I made, by no chains between clusters and two chains on the corners.

Granny square coasters to be felted
More felted granny coasters

These are such an easy and fast gift idea. And I don't know why I didn't snap a pic, but the coasters fit snuggly in the bowl, even though I didn't intend for that purpose.

Peelu's Felted Babies

Peelu's felt "baby"

She was a little perturbed at me because Hot Rod's felted geodes and Lil' Mermaid's felted puppet got blog screen time and her precious babies did not. Wet felting is such a fun, tactile experiment with little ones. It's cheap, easy and they love to get wet. What more could you ask for in a craft for little fingers? :-)

Peelu is into the felting too

Monday, August 30, 2010

Chickens and Clotheslines

An especially colorful clothesline today

I had an especially colorful clothesline out this particular afternoon. Then the chickens came out to play. And it made for a beautifully vivid afternoon and a true snapshot of my summer....chickens and clotheslines..

Little did we know.....
Posing by the laundry line
Calming her down
Colorful rooster love
You would think Belle would learn
Posing with her chicken and sunflowers
Ahhhh got a chiken und ma arm....
Gently, Peelu, gently

Chickens are NOT smart

Carting Belle across the yard

Sorry, Belle, but you're not too bright.Why do you let Peelu cart you around...

Hauling her favorite chicken around

sit you here and there...

Oh Belle

try to force feed you weeds...

Trying to feed Belle?

dance with you under the clothesline...

Still ignoring me as I tell her to put the poor chicken DOWN
Dancing with Belle
Tryin to ignore me as I call to her to put Belle down

and put you down the slide?

Then putting Belle in the playhouse
There went Belle...down the slide

WE PROMISE. NO ANIMALS WERE INJURED OR MISTREATED DURING THE COURSE OF THIS AFTERNOON. The darn chicken keeps coming back for more. Chickens are NOT smart, but they are well loved at our house.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sigh...still one of my favorite things...

Drying some fat quarters on the line

...pretty stuff drying on my laundry line. Here it's some fat quarters I just washed for some future crafting purposes. But there's just something about laundry in the breeze that makes me happy.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Flower arranging art

I love the flowers in our yard

Ooooohhh..I almost forgot. When we picked our flowers for our pounding experiment we sorta played with them first.

Peelu carting our bowl of flowery goodness around
Playing with my camera

...spreading them out....

So pretty all spread out
A plethora of petals

...admiring the amazing colors.....

Popping colors
Hot pinkiness

...noticing the different sizes and shapes...

The queen poppy

...lining them up...

Perfect petals
In a row
All lined up

...playing with texture...

My fave flower
Arranging flowers on the rocks

...then Lil' Mermaid stepped in to play too...

Lil' M working on her flower art
Flower Wreath Art
More kid's flower art
Lil' Mermaid's Flower art

...and Hot Rod couldn't resist...

Kid's flower art
Another flower arrangement from the kids
Hot Rod's flower art

All in all, a very calming and beautiful exercise in nature art. You must try it yourself!

Pretty bouquet

Pounding away

Some of the pounded flower prints

For a while now I have been meaning to try flower pounding with the maniacs. I've seen several beautiful posts on it and it seemed so simple....

First we gathered some beautiful flowers and leaves from our gardens.

Our pile of flowers ready to pound

Arranging some flowers for first attempt.

Arranging some flowers to pound them

Pretty smushed.

My arrangement after smooshing

The results on my first attempt.

My arrangement after pounding

Then Lil' Mermaid started pounding away.

Pounding away
Peeling off teh flattened flowers
Lil' Mermaid's first flower pounding
More pounding results

Then Hot Rod had a turn.

Hot Rod's turn
Scraping off the petals

We used watercolor paper and followed the basic directions that we've found in various location and yet.....they did not turn out as vivid as we thought they would be.

Lil' M's first one
One of mine
Mine & Hot Rod's
Another of lil' M's
It's hard to tell

They are pretty (although my shady photos don't do them justice) but we all agreed we needed to consult a flower pounding expert. So the kids took the rest of the flowers and put them into their presses......

Hot Rod's flower press
Lil' Mermaid pressing as many as she can

No floral waste here. We'll have to check in on them in a few weeks and see what these pressed flowers become.