Monday, August 30, 2010

Chickens are NOT smart

Carting Belle across the yard

Sorry, Belle, but you're not too bright.Why do you let Peelu cart you around...

Hauling her favorite chicken around

sit you here and there...

Oh Belle

try to force feed you weeds...

Trying to feed Belle?

dance with you under the clothesline...

Still ignoring me as I tell her to put the poor chicken DOWN
Dancing with Belle
Tryin to ignore me as I call to her to put Belle down

and put you down the slide?

Then putting Belle in the playhouse
There went Belle...down the slide

WE PROMISE. NO ANIMALS WERE INJURED OR MISTREATED DURING THE COURSE OF THIS AFTERNOON. The darn chicken keeps coming back for more. Chickens are NOT smart, but they are well loved at our house.

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