Monday, August 2, 2010

A fairy wand fit for a queen

The fairy and her wand

This is another one of those projects that would never have turned out so well if I had actually planned it. Lil' Mermaid was not happy with the bean art she made to enter into our County Fair under "Nature Crafts".

Fairy Wand

And as we were finishing up a multitude of projects THE MORNING OF fair entry day....I really WAS NOT in the mood of helping her find and create a whole new "nature craft" to enter.

Up close of fairy pinecone

But she designed it and made it all by herself without consultations or anything. Although we did have to run over to Grandma & Grandpa's for a new pine cone when the one she first found did not hold together. Luckily I have a crafty mom who hoards - I mean, collects - interesting things like I do.

close-up of fairy stick

It was so easy to make. The pine cone had a little indention on the bottom where the stick fit snuggly. But she glued it just in case. When it dried, she gently tore apart some lovely rainbow fairy colored roving and just weaved it around and tucked it here and there on the pine cone. Then she just wrapped it around the stick and tucked the end under.

Such pretty colors

Seriously! That was it. And now you have been zapped by the Flower Fairy Queen!


P.S. We got the roving from this lovely, lovely shop.

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