Friday, August 13, 2010

Mustang Muscles

Our pony

We've got manly men in our house, don't ya' know? I am not sure what sparked interest in our old Ford Mustang this day. But the men had to go out and work on her.

Papa under the Mustang
Hot Rod helping with the brakes

Together. Sometimes that's not such a good thing. Thanfully, this day. It was a great thing.

Under the hood
9 years from driving....

They spent hours together. Wrenching, poking, pulling, testing, talking, scratching their heads, getting greasy...

Tools for the 'stang
Checking out the battery
What exactly does the jack do?

And they LOVED it. Our poor old Mustang is sad and limping along, but as a family project car, she has potential. Only 9 more years until she has some new drivers.

Our old lady

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