Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh those yummy blueberries!

Little fingers pickin' 2

Yes, we went blueberry pickin' again. But thankfully it was not dreadfully hot like last year when we forced our small children into heat prostration for the love of a few buckets of blue gold!

LOVE bluebrries

This time we went Northwest of us and hit the Mt Hood area-known for it's beautiful orchards and fruit farms. It was a perfect day, not too hot and a beautiful, warm sun. Here's a view from the farm. (Montavons Berries - such a great family-run farm!) Don't you want to move there RIGHT NOW?

This was the view from the blueberry farm

The season was delayed this year because of our cold Spring but that made for a fine and BRIEF afternoon of pickin' - we were the only ones there on this afternoon and we had fresh new bushes to pick through until we couldn't haul anymore.

The master picker
Papa Picker
Love that blueberry pickin' mug!
The blueberry maniac
The blueberry dude

The kids were much more active without the sweltering weather. Peelu was moving like lightning, trying to get all the blueberries she could...
Gotta move - more pick...
Little fingers pickin' 3

We had such a fun time with the farmer as she hauled us around on her ATV trailer and even let us stop and pick an overlooked cherry tree and scrounge what we could from the raspberry bushes.

Riding back with our stash
Lil' Mermaid trying to fin all the raspberries she can

Then we told Peelu we had to go....

Sad face because we told her we were leaving

She was not happy......I think she thought she was going to stay there in fruit paradise and live among the bushes and trees. Actually, that sounds pretty good to me too.

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  1. Came across this randomly. Lovely photos - glad we could share our piece of paradise.

    - Lee Montavon