Friday, August 27, 2010

Pounding away

Some of the pounded flower prints

For a while now I have been meaning to try flower pounding with the maniacs. I've seen several beautiful posts on it and it seemed so simple....

First we gathered some beautiful flowers and leaves from our gardens.

Our pile of flowers ready to pound

Arranging some flowers for first attempt.

Arranging some flowers to pound them

Pretty smushed.

My arrangement after smooshing

The results on my first attempt.

My arrangement after pounding

Then Lil' Mermaid started pounding away.

Pounding away
Peeling off teh flattened flowers
Lil' Mermaid's first flower pounding
More pounding results

Then Hot Rod had a turn.

Hot Rod's turn
Scraping off the petals

We used watercolor paper and followed the basic directions that we've found in various location and yet.....they did not turn out as vivid as we thought they would be.

Lil' M's first one
One of mine
Mine & Hot Rod's
Another of lil' M's
It's hard to tell

They are pretty (although my shady photos don't do them justice) but we all agreed we needed to consult a flower pounding expert. So the kids took the rest of the flowers and put them into their presses......

Hot Rod's flower press
Lil' Mermaid pressing as many as she can

No floral waste here. We'll have to check in on them in a few weeks and see what these pressed flowers become.

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