Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pre-Fair sewing frenzy

Lil' Mermaid working hard on serwing up her fish flag

Yes, these photos are from the MORNING OF the day we are to bring our Fair entries into the fairgrounds. And yes, you would be right in saying, "Gosh, they're sure cutting that close." Yes, that's our family. We will be crafting right up until we all take our last breaths. That's us. Craft or die! It's a sickness. Really.

Hot Rod sewing up his beaver pillow

I thought I would "teach" the kids about not procrastinating and tell them they couldn't enter anything that wasn't already finished. Hahahahah!!! That went over well. Who am I kidding? I am the Queen of Procrastination. You know what they say - parents are their kids' greatest role models. Oh boy are my kids in trouble.

The painting and glue-resist was much easier than the sewing

So this morning, besides all the sewing, we mounted all the artwork, my photos included (eek), Lil' Mermaid made her nature craft, painted her flower photographs, and put together her scrapbook page. Hot Rod sewed his pillow, sewed his Popeye flag....

I am pathetic. Yes, I know it. Next year we will be ahead of schedule. I swear. Oh, who am i kidding?

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